Auto-import CSV/Excel email attachments to your database

Build production data pipelines from email attachments in minutes

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Receive email
Extra data from file
read file
Map file columns to database columns
Clean data with Pandas (optional)
Database import method
Run Pipeline
Import data to your favorite database

Build your first pipeline

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Instantly deployed
Don't worry about deployment or servers. Just set up your pipeline and start processing your email attachments.
use PYTHON and pandas
Use Python or Pandas to clean up your data if your file is messy. No need to import additional libraries.
load to any database
Load to your favorite database - Snowflake, Postgres, MySQL, MariaDB, Redshift, Oracle Database, and BigQuery.
column mapping
We automatically map columns to your destination table. You can write custom mapping code if you need customization.
custom SQL
You can write your own upserts, merge, or custom database import code via SQL. You have full flexibility in how to import data.
Ui or code
If your files are simple and don't require data wrangling, you can set up pipelines via the UI with a few clicks.