Introducing Dropmail - Email CSV/Excel Files Directly to Your Database

Forward emails with CSV/Excel attachments directly to your SQL database, with automatic column mapping and cleaning steps.

You probably have a variety of data sources. Apps like Shopify, POS data, flat files you create, and email. Although extremely common, sending data over email has plenty of issues.

  • Repetition: Every time you download the file from your inbox, you have to clean, aggregate, and load to your reports and dashboards. It's definitely not convenient and after each round of cleaning, the file sits in your inbox without any use.
  • Human errors: The data sender has to ensure they're sending the most up-to-date file, you have to keep an eye on your inbox, and transform the file correctly each time. Every step of the way, something could go wrong and that's wasted time.

When sending/receiving sensitive information, you want to ensure maximum productivity and minimum chances for human error to prop up. And it wouldn't hurt to have all of the cleaning steps automated as well. This is why you need Dropmail.

The Solution: Dropmail

Dropmail is the tool to automate email-based file imports. The data sender just sends an email with CSV/Excel files attached to your dedicated email address, and it is almost instantly added to your database. The times where you had to download and manually clean files are over.

Dropmail creates a unique email address for a specific database table, with a pre-specified set of cleaning steps that you can share to your data source business partners. All they have to do is send the data to that email and the it'll be automatically added to your database table.

In this really short video, we see how easy it is to add data to your database once you've set up a Dropmail:

Features to Focus

Auto-generated Email

Each Dropbase table comes with an auto-generated Dropmail email address.

Send CSV or Excel attachments.

Send one or more CSV or Excel files. Multi-file attachment works too.

Why Dropmail Works.

The data sender can send multiple attachments in one go. These attachments go to the same pipeline and will be loaded into your database.The sender doesn't have to change their workflow significantly. It's just changing the recipient email address to the Dropmail one. No programs to install, no accounts to make. You can pass the email to as many data senders as you like. If you get the same type of file from a bunch of senders, simply send them the same Dropmail. You'll get all the notification right inside Dropbase and not have to worry managing data in your email inbox.

Can't wait to try out Dropmail for your data workflow? Sign up here.